2023–2025: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Standard Grant.
– Ghosts from summers past: quantifying the role of vegetation legacy to climatic extremes
De Kauwe, M., Quaife, T., Meir, P., Rowland, L., Zaehle, S., Bastos, A., Ruehr, N., Peñuelas, J., Pitman, A., Medlyn, B., Walker, A. and Lu, D.

2022–2024: Australian Research Council Discovery
– Carbon in - carbon out: can carbon inputs keep up with losses in peatland?
Hovenden, M. and De Kauwe, M.

2020–2021: Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities
– Founding an Australian Critical Zone Observatory Network
Thompson, S., Chittleborough, D., Farkas, J., Beringer, J., Marshall, A., Cleverly, J., Meyer, W., Andersen, M., Leopold, M. and De Kauwe, M.

2021–2022: AuScope
– Laying the foundations for the Australian Critical Zone Observatories..
Leopold, M., Andersen, M., Beringer, J., Chittleborough, D., Cleverly, J., Farkas, J., De Kauwe, M., Marshall, A., Meyer, W. and Thompson, S.

2020–2023: US Department of Energy
– Using FACE Experiments and Models to Investigate Decadal Scale Processes that Govern Terrestrial Ecosystem Responses to CO2.
Walker, A., Norby, R., Sulman, B. and De Kauwe, M.

2020–2022: UNSW Research Infrastructure Scheme
– Building quality software packages in R.
Falster, D., Nakagawa, S., Cornwell, W., Navarro, D., Warton, D., Richmond, J., Lyons, M., Lafaye De Micheaux, P., Laffan, S., Abramowitz, G., De Kauwe, M.., Ukkola, A. and Betbeder-Matibet, L.

2019: Australian Academy of Science, Boden research conference
– Towards a representation of Eucalypt ecology & physiology in vegetation models: what makes Eucalypts distinct?

2020–2023: Eucalypt Australia
– Eucalypt futures: using functional traits to predict species distributions and responses to environmental change.
Vesk, P., Falster, D., De Kauwe, M., Gallagher, R. and Guillera-Arroita, G.

2019–2025: UK Natural Environment Research Council Large Grant
– Quinquennial (half-decadal) carbon and nutrient dynamics in temperate forests: Implications for carbon sequestration in a high carbon dioxide world.
CIs: Mackenzie, A., Smith, A., Shi, Z. B., Johnston, I., Ullah, S., Sitch, S., Mercado, L., Hamilton, L., Mayoral, C.
PIs: Johnson, D., De Kauwe, M., Goll, D., Lombardozzi, D., Medlyn, B., Wang, Y.-P., Wiltshire, A., Daniels, R., Fleischer, K., Lapola, D., Thornton, P., Liu, X. and Zaehle, S. .

2019–2021: Australian Research Council Discovery
– How vulnerable are eucalypts to future droughts?
De Kauwe, M., Meir, P., Cernusak, L., Pitman, A. and Haverd, V. .

2019–2021: Australian Research Council Discovery
– Lags and legacies: antecedent effects on grassland biomass response to CO2.
Hovenden, M., De Kauwe, M. and Ogle, K. .

2018–2019: UNSW Research Infrastructure Scheme
– cFIP-Model evaluation web application. Abramowitz, G., De Kauwe, M., England, M., Evans, J., Falster, D., Johnson, F., Marshall, L., Pitman, A. and Sharma, A. .